(859) 277-8611 372 Longview Plaza, Lexington, KY

7 days a week — 8:00 am – 9:00 pm

$1.50 per lb.Wash & Fold

$17.00 Twin Comforter or Blanket

$22.00 Queen & King Comforter or Blanket

 Minimum Drop-Off $15.00

We charge separately for the following items: comforters, mattress covers, sleeping bags, rugs.

We separate lights and darks for you.

Please note:  you are responsible for isolating certain items which may cause damage. If you don’t leave us a note with special instructions, then you agree to accept the results of our decision.

For example: When we see wet dishcloths or cleaning towels in a plastic bag, we don’t know if they’re just wet or contaminated with household cleaning products (in which case you should also include a note to let us know about the need for separate processing).

Without a note from you, we might process something separately that doesn’t need separate processing (more expense for you), or not separate something that should have been (possible damage to your clothes).

Can I get my clothes returned on hangers?
Yes, we would be happy to hang your clothes onhangers for a small fee of only .25 for hangers (or you can bring in your own  and it’s free).

How do I know how many pounds of clothing I have?   Is there a minimum?
The minimum pickup/delivery charge is for 60 lbs.

For example:  A white 13-gallon kitchen trash bag will generally hold about 13-15 pounds of clothes. Because Jeans are heavier than T-shirts and T-shirts are heavier than lingerie, the poundage can vary.

How large is the area you serve?
We serve most of Fayette County.
We will pick up and drop off at your place of business.

And with a 60 lb. minimum, pick-up and delivery is FREE — OR you have the option of dropping off and picking up your own laundry at Mr. Suds on Southland Drive.


Wash & Fold – 1.50 per lb
15.00 minimum drop-off

Comforters & Blankets

Twin & Full            $17.00 each
Queen & King        $22.00 each
Downs                     $27.00 each
Horse Blankets      $20.00 each

We accept cash, checks, major credit cards.