(859) 277-8611 372 Longview Plaza, Lexington, KY

A Longtime Favorite on Longview Plaza since 1968.

Mr. Suds Wash & Fold Laundry Service was opened in 1968 by K.J. Woodruff. The building was designed specifically as a laundromat. Thus, the machines are arranged in wide rows for easy access. Each row of machines has a drain in the back to catch water spills/overflow. The flooring is unique. The inventive use of mirrors throughout the facility creates an aura of light and space.

A man of vision, Mr. Woodruff utilized “green” ideas, long before the term had been coined. One example of this is the clothes dryers, which heat the water that is also used for the washing machines. As another example, Mr. Suds is cooled by a “swamp cooler” which uses air through dripping pads. A fan then blows the air through the building keeping it at a very comfortable temperature.

July of 2010, Jack Woodruff, son of K.J. Woodruff, purchased Mr. Suds. Since then, Mr. Woodruff has refurbished the building exterior and improved the front by adding a new striped awning that has become a signature landmark on Longview Plaza. In addition, Jack has updated the interior, and the most significant improvement is the installation of modern, state-of-the-art washer units plus six new larger gas dryers.